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Foam Fill

Foam Fill

With foam filled tires, you drive with the peace of mind that your tires will stay filled and you and your vehicle are safe.


Hatfield, PA: (215) 723-8473

Easton, PA: (610) 252-5769

Boyertown, PA:   (610) 367-6051

Doylestown, PA: (215) 348-3564

Souderton, PA: (215) 721-3430

Thorofare, NJ: (856) 686-5823

Harrisonburg, VA: (540) 442-8473

Foam-Fill provides the following advantages:

·         Polyurethane fill

·         100% flat-proof

·         No tip-over's due to sudden flats

·         Longer tread life than air filled tires

·         Very few tire repair costs

·         Better ballast for steep hillsides or overload conditions

·         When the tread is worn off, the casing can be retreaded

·         Easy on rider, vehicle suspension, and offers longest tire life


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